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DANASWABS Sample Collection Kit

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DANASWABS Sample Collection Kit provide a safe and rapid all-in-one procedure for the collection, stabilization and transportation of saliva swab samples. It contains a swabs + preservation buffer microtube.

We use Swabs  specifically designed and dedicated to DNA collection , this swabs are certified DNase, RNase-Free and Human DNA-Free, as well as free of any PCR inhibitors. And tested in our laboratory as the highest yielding DNA.

After collection the swab is introduced into a microtube containing a preservation solution, thus the buccal cells can be transported and stabilized for 1 year at room temperature and indefinitely at -20 or -80.

• Unique swab matrix greatly improves DNA yields
• Painless, non-invasive collection.
• Easy to handle and quick to use.
• Compatible with most DNA isolation methods and can be automated.
• Sample remains stable for 1 year at room temperature.
• High quality DNA is suitable for sensitive downstream applications.


• STR Analysis-Human identification.
• Genetics.
• Forensics.
• Paternity Tests.
• Research Genotyping.

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