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DANASWAB VIRAL Sample Collection Kit

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DANASWAB VIRAL Sample Collection Kit is designed for collection, ambient storage and transport viral DNA/RNA from samples collected using a swab, including nasal, throat, saliva, fecal, surfaces and wherever a swab may be deemed appropriate per application.


DANAVIRAL Stabilization Solution effectively inactive viruses and prevent nucleic acid degradation in samples collected with the provided swab, resulting non-infectious samples to be handled and shipped safely.


Each collection tube is pre-filled with 1 ml and the nucleic acid content of samples is preserved at ambient temperature (DNA>1 year; RNA up to 1 month). Samples can be frozen (-20/-80°C) for prolonged periods.


To use these swab collection tubes, just swab any sample and break the tip into the collection device prefilled with the DANAVIRAL Stabilization Solution.


  1. Open package containing swab and collection tube. Remove the individually wrapped swab and the preservative tube. Do not touch the swab tip.


  1. Swab the sample. For fecal and soil samples collect approximately no more than 100 mg.

  1. Open the collection tube and insert swab tip into the microtube.

  1. Break the swab tip (breaking point 20-30 mm) leaving the swab tip in the collection tube. Make sure that the swab is in contact with the solution.

  1. Replace the tube cap, securing tightly and invert microtube several times. The sample is stabilized and ready for transport/storage prior to purification of DNA and/or RNA.


• Used for collection, storage and transportation of viral samples.
• Inactivate microorganisms and viruses for safe and easy transport and handling.
• Compatible with many sample types, including nose, mouth, throat, biological fluids, environmental samples.
• Room temperature transport.
• Preserve total DNA, including viral DNA, at room temperature (4º-25ºC) 1 year.
• Preserve total RNA, including viral RNA, at room temperature (4º-25ºC) 1 month.
• Compatible with most DNA and RNA isolation methods. We recommend to use our DANAGENE DNA/RNA VIRAL Kits.

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0603.47 DANASWABVIRAL Sample Collection Kit 100
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Collection tubes with DANAVIRAL Stabilization Solution 1ml x 100 units Room temperature
Swabs 100 units Room temperature