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DANAGEN-BIOTED has developed a complete system for processing samples of human or animal feces. DANASTOOL Sample Collection MICROBIOME Kit

is an integrated system for collection, transportation and storage of stool samples and subsequent DNA purification. Transportation of the stabilized DNA can be carried out in the DNA Stabilization solution without refrigeration at ambient temperature.

El DANASTOOL Sample Collection MICROBIOME Kit enables collection, storage and stabilization of stool samples. It comes in a tube with spoon and liquid stabilization solution that preserves the MICROBIOME profiling.

Microbial composition of stool samples preserved at room temperature is unchanged after  two months with DANASTOOL Sample Collection MICROBIOME Kit . Stool samples were taken using our system and stored at room temperature. They were sampled at the indicated time points and processed with the DANAGENE MICROBIOME FECAL DNA Kit . The extrated DNA was the subjected to microbial composition profiling via 16S rRNA gene targeted sequencing. Samples had a constant microbial composition.Fig.1

Fig.1 Stool Samples with DANASTOOL preservative solution-Species


• Easy to use, designated for collection and safe transportation because the samples become Not infectious.
• It is not necessary to process the samples immediately.
• It stabilizes the DNA for several months at room temperature and at -20 or -80 indefinitely.
• Eliminate odor during processing .
• Compatible with a variety of purification systems. The use of our DANAGENE MICROBIOME FECAL DNA Kit is highly recommended.
• The DANASTOOL preservative solution preserves microbiota profiles for unbiased and reproducible results and providing sample homogeneity eliminating sample variability.
• The DANASTOOL preservative solution and our DNA isolation method are capable of maintaining DNA integrity.

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0617 DANASTOOL Sample Collection MICROBIOME Kit 50
0618 DANASTOOL Sample Collection MICROBIOME Kit 250