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DANAGENE Protect Solution

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DANAGENE Protect Solution is a non- toxic solution that allows the collection and storage of cells and tissues in different conditions and protect and stabilize the genomic DNA and RNA for its following isolation.


DANAGENE Protect Solution is a aqueous and nontoxic tissue-holding liquid, which can in situ stabilize and protect RNA under non-frozen situation by rapid infiltrating fresh tissues and not affect RNA yield and integrality. Hence, RNA Stabilization Solution eliminates inconveniences to flash freeze samples in liquid nitrogen or take samples from different places. When fresh tissues immerged into RNA Stabilization Solution, RNA can be stored up to a day at 37º C, a week at 25º C, a month at 4º C and a long term at -20º C or -80º C. RNA virus (such as HCV and HIV) is stable up to a month at 37º C in RNA Stabilization Solution.

The DANAGENE Protect Solution can be used for preserving animal tissue samples, cultured cells and bacteria.

• It removes the need of processing immediately the samples.
• The samples can be preserved for 2 weeks at room temperature (20-25ºC); 1 month at 4ºC and indefinitely at -20ºC or -80ºC.
• More flexibility as it simplifies the sample collection, it is not necessary to freeze samples in liquid N2 or in laboratory freezers.
• It is an alternative to the use of paraffin for protecting tissues.
• Allows the collection of samples in places that are out from the laboratories.
• It is compatible with the DANAGENE purifications kits.

Reference Product Description Preps
DPT100 DANAGENE Protect Solution 100
DPT500 DANAGENE Protect Solution 500