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miRNA and Cell-Free RNA

DANAGENE microRNA and Cell-free RNA Minikit/MidiKit provides an efficient isolation of microRNA and small RNA from liquid biopsies including serum, plasma and others biofluids without the use of toxic phenol or chloroform.


This kit allows to isolate all RNAs smaller than 1000 nt, from mRNA and tRNA down to microRNA and small interfering RNA (siRNA).


The sample material is denatured in Lysis buffer. Proteins are precipitated using the precipitation  buffer and pelleted by centrifugation. After removal of proteins the binding conditions are adjusted by adding a special Binding buffer for small RNA.

The small RNA are bound to special columns. The remaining RNAs are washed and eluted with minimal amounts of RNase-free water.

New column design for processing large sample volumes

• Efficient isolation of microRNA and Cell-free RNA from biofluids samples without phenol/chloroform.
• Sample size: Mini 300 µl (up to 600 µl multiple loading); Midi 3 ml fresh and frozen plasma/serum and other body fluids.
• Simple and fast procedure.
• Increased sensitivity in downstream applications .
• Yield: Depending on sample source, storage and quality.


• Ideal for detection of biomarkers in cancer and others diseases.
• Typical downstream applications: real-time qRT-PCR. Chip hybridisations.
• Analysis of fetal DNA from maternal plasma.

Reference Product Description Preps
0806.1 DANAGENE microRNA and Cell-free RNA MINI Kit 50
0806.2 DANAGENE microRNA and Cell-free RNA MIDI Kit 5
0806.3 DANAGENE microRNA and Cell-free RNA MIDI Kit 50