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This kit is optimized for a fast method to isolate DNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue specimen.

 The procedure omits the use of flammable and malodorous xylene or d-limonene commonly used for desparaffinization, a proprietary buffer formulation  DEPARAFFINIZATION SOLUTION is used for the complete dissolution of the wax to release the tissue.



  1. Remove paraffin: paraffin is dissolved and removal in the  DEPARAFFINIZATION SOLUTION.
  1. Lysis: sample is lysed under denaturing conditions with proteinase K.
  1. Heat: incubation at 90ºC reverses formalin crosslinking.
  1. Bind: DNA binds to the membrane and contaminants flow through.
  1. Wash: residual contaminants are washed away.
  1. Elute: concentrated DNA is elute from the membrane.


• Silica membrane technology with specials MicroSpin columns.
• Very easy paraffin removal.
• Safe method avoids xylene and other toxic.
• Complete removal of contaminants and inhibitors for reliable downstream applications.
• Low elution volume: 20-30 µl.
• The quality of DNA is suitable for the following applications as quantitative PCR or Next generation sequencing (NGS).



• Rapid isolation of DNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded samples.
• Isolation of DNA from fresh and archived FFPE samples
• Isolation of DNA from specimen of object slides
• Typical downstream application: PCR, pPCR, NGS, NGS, STR analysis.

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0610.1 DANAGENE FFPE DNA kit 50