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DANAGENE Blood DNA kit is designed for the rapid large-scale preparation of highly pure genomic DNA from up to 10 ml whole blood.

The kit can be used for DNA extraction from fresh o frozen blood collected in tubes containing citrate or EDTA. For a high yield, tubes containing EDTA are recommended.



This kit is based on a simple and fast lysis and protein elimination process without using toxic reagents, organic solvents or enzymatic treatments.


• Reproducible, fast and non-expensive method.
• This method can be scaled allowing to process large amounts of samples simultaneously 25 µl up to 10 ml.
• Safe method, as it removes completely the need of using toxic reagents.
• Typical yield of 35 µg/ml of blood with an A260/280 of 1.7-1.9.
• It is completed in 45-60 minutes.

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0601 DANAGENE Blood DNA kit 100 ml Blood
0602 DANAGENE Blood DNA kit 200 ml Blood

This kit is designed for the rapid purification of pure genomic DNA from whole blood, serum, plasma, body fluids and dried blood spots. This kit combines the advantages of a silica-based system with a microspin format. Animal o human blood samples, fresh or frozen material, may be processed conveniently.

Procedure: You can process the whole blood or DNA isolation from leukocytes with a previous lysis of erythrocytes (kit contains the RBC Lysis Buffer).
Lysis is achieved by incubation of whole blood in a solution containing large amounts of chaotropic ions in the presence of proteinase K at 70ºC. Appropriate conditions for binding DNA to the silica membrane are created by addition of ethanol to the lysate. Contaminants are removed by washing with two different buffers. Pure genomic DNA is finally eluted under low ionic strength conditions in a slightly alkaline elution buffer.


• Silica membrane technology with Mini spin columns.
• Sample size: 300 µl whole blood, serum, plasma ,body fluids and dried blood spots.
• No organic extraction or alcohol precipitation.
• Complete removal of contaminants and inhibitors for reliable downstream applications.
• Typical yield: 4- 6 µg genomic DNA.
• Elution volume: 50-200 µl.
• High quality DNA obtained that can be directly used in PCR, Southern, any enzymatic reaction, cloning, etc.

Reference Product Description Preps
0606.1 DANAGENE SPIN Blood DNA kit 50
0606.2 DANAGENE SPIN Blood DNA kit 250