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MIcrobiome oral DNA Kit

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The microorganisms found in the human oral cavity have been referred to as the oral microflora, oral microbiota, or more recently as the oral microbiome.

Human oral cavity harbors the second most abundant microbiota after the gastrointestinal tract.

The oral microbiome is one of the most diverse of any human-associated microbial community . The oral microbiome is a causative factor in conditions such as dental caries , periodontal disease , and halitosis , and has also been implicated as a reservoir for infection at other body sites  and in the pathogenesis of non-oral diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease .

DANAGEN-BIOTED has developed a complete system for the study of ORAL MICROBIOME:


  1. DANASALIVA Sample Collection MICROBIOME Kit is An all-in-one collection kit for the collection and stabilization of microbial DNA from saliva.

It contains a non-lytic buffer that preserves microbial community at least 1 year. The stabilization is instant and the buffer prevents bacterial growth, so the sample provides a representative snapshot of the microbial community that remains unchanged from collection to processing.


  1. DANAGENE MICROBIOME SALIVA DNA Kit has been designed for a fast and efficient purification of microbial DNA from saliva samples.


Beginning with a bead-beating protocol, cells are lysed through a combination of mechanical force, heat and detergent, vortexed using horizontal adapter for the Vortex Genie 2 Vortex or using others common disruption devices.

Appropriate DNA binding conditions to the Microbial DNA Columns are achieved by addition of large amounts of chaotropic salts (Binding Buffer) to the lysate. Contaminants are removed by two efficient washing steps. Afterwards, The resulting DNA is recovered in a DNA-free Tris buffer to use for subsequent reactions.


Microbial composition of saliva sample preserved at room temperature is unchanged after  two months with DANASALIVA Sample Collection MICROBIOME Kit . Saliva samples were taken using our system and stored at room temperature. They were sampled at the indicated time points and processed with the DANAGENE MICROBIOME SALIVA DNA Kit. The extrated DNA was the subjected to microbial composition profiling via 16S rRNA gene targeted sequencing. Samples had a constant microbial composition.Fig.1


1 day                                   15 days                                  1 month                                  2 months


Fig.1 Saliva Samples with DANASALIVA Sample Collection MICROBIOME Kit -Species

• All-in-one devices for optimal self-collection
• Standardize sample collection
• Stabilize microbial DNA at ambient temperature at least 1 year
• Provide a snapshot of the saliva microbiome.
• Suitable for NGS downstream applications



• Designed for rapid purification of highly pure microbial DNA for microbiome analysis.
• Silica-membrane technology with MiniSpin columns.
• Bead Microtubes for efficient lysis included in combination liquid Proteinase K.
• Sample material: saliva / preserved saliva samples.
• Typical yield: Approx. 2-20 µg depends on patient.
• Preparation Time: 35 min.
• Elution volume: 100 µl.

Reference Product Description Preps
0603.45100 DANASALIVA Sample Collection MICROBIOME Kit 100
0603.45500 DANASALIVA Sample Collection MICROBIOME Kit 500
0603.451000 DANASALIVA Sample Collection MICROBIOME Kit 1000