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This kit allows the purification of PCR-ready genomic DNA from blood in just 2 steps taking only 5 minutes.


The protocol includes a 5 minutes incubation of 5 µl of blood with the lysis solution. This allows the DNA release, the neutralization solution is then added and the obtained extract can be directly used in PCR amplifications.


Apart for the reagents for the extraction process, the kit includes a ready to use HOT START Polymerase 2X that allows the amplification of any fragment from the extract in an easy way as the customer only has to add water and primers. It requires 10 minutes activation step at 95ºC in order to remove non-specific products, such as primer-dimer. It also contains a red dye which allows an easy visualization and direct loading onto a gel avoiding the need of mixing with a loading buffer.

• It allows a fast isolation of genomic DNA ready for PCR in just 5 minutes from 5 µl of blood or semen.
• Allows to process a high number of samples for genotyping, SNP analysis, human and animal identity tests, etc.
• It includes all necessary reagents for doing the total process, even a ready to use HOT START Polymerase.
• It can be automated.

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