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This kit is designed for the rapid purification of highly pure DNA fragments from agarose gels and aqueous solutions (desalination), and PCR amplification products  from other components in the reaction, such as excess primers, nucleotides, DNA polymerase and salts.


It includes a pH indicator which is premixed with the binding buffer to ensure optimal pH, facilitate DNA binding and allow for easy observation of undissolved agarose gel. If pH exceeds the optimal level (>7.5), the color of the solution will appear purple instead of yellow. 3M Sodium Acetate (pH5.0), which is included with the kit, can then be added to the solution to adjust pH and return the color to yellow.


DNA is bound on a silica membrane within the spin column. The bound DNA is washed and the clean,concentrated DNA is eluted in a buffer.

• Silica membrane technology.
• No organic solvents required.
• High recovery even for small DNA fragments (> 100 pb).
• Reduced elution volume 25-30 µl.
• DNA purification from either TAE or TBE agarose gel.
• Primer and primer/dimer removal.

Reference Product Description Preps
0502.1 DANAGENE GEL/PCR kit 50
0502.2 DANAGENE GEL/PCR kit 250
0502.3 DANAGENE GEL/PCR kit 1000